Our planning office, which can resort to a longstanding and diversified experience, develops in collaboration with the customer any kind of tool aiming to optimize the final product to the greatest extent. The high quality is ensured by the use of 2D/3D CAD systems of the last generation (Unigraphics NX, SolidWorks, ThinkDesign), which meet the requirements of any customer and which are most of all suitable for interacting and communicating with any informatics system, without causing problems or data loss.

In case the customer should have doubts regarding the feasibility of a product part, R.T.B. offers a simulation (AUTOFORM) of the deep-drawing process in order to check the feasibility of the part and to calculate the springback of the material, so as to guarantee proper part production.

Another important point is the choice of the materials. The materials used are exclusively high-quality materials machined on high-precision devices that correspond to the state-of-the-art; finally the materials are subject to appropriate thermal treatments, too.


The company R.T.B. Engineering S.r.l. established in 1986 is based in Majano (Udine, Italy). Thanks to its philosophy the company, during its existence, could already obtain very remarkable results.
Over the years R.T.B. could assert itself on the awkward and highly competitive market of metal sheet cold forming due to the dynamism of its staff, to the accurate design work, to the use of highly developed 2D/3D CAD systems and to its continuous seeking for product improvement. The company is dealing with design and manufacture of tools suitable for producing aesthetic parts in stainless steel, prepainted aluminum and metal sheet for the household appliances sector (dishwashers, washing machines, hobs, cookers, etc.) and for the automotive sector (power windows, supports, etc.).
The qualified and professional team work of R.T.B. guarantees a high-precision and high quality product. Reliability and flexibility are the characteristics R.T.B. is well-known and valuable for in its line of business.
The R.T.B. company is renowned worldwide for its innovative approaches and customer-specific design work that meet all customer requirements and applications as well.


The establishment, the development and the further growth of our company was made possible by obtaining and maintaining the following targets:

1 – Meeting completely the customer requirements
2 – Offering a wide range of products
3 – Respecting the delivery terms agreed upon
4 – Reliable processing of any customer demand